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Girl fell to the ground in a rainstorm, veterans rescued
2014-08-04 11:46:14 from: wubaiyi

In these two days, the 19-year-old girl Yueyue has always touched the hearts of the people in Jiaxing. After nearly a week of persistence and hard work from the medical staff, Yueyue finally woke up, and a long-lost smile appeared on the parents' faces. On the afternoon of July 27, heavy rains in Jiaxing caused severe water accumulation in many urban areas. On the way to work by bus from Yueyue, she suddenly suffered an electric shock and fell to the water. Many people helped pull it, only to find that his arm was numbed. Jiaxing Electric Power's emergency repair personnel initially judged that the place name light box on the roadside was leaking and hurt people. Under the dual injuries of electric shock and drowning, Yueyue was dying and fell into a coma. She was able to break through the "Ghost Gate" thanks to 47-year-old An Yubin. This middle-aged man who has been a soldier for three years and is now an ordinary driver of SF Express has extended his help without fear of the danger of electric shock, and won precious time for the continuation of Yueyue's life. At present, the specific reason for Yueyue's electric shock to the ground is whether the street light box leaks electricity and who is responsible. Jiaxing City Government has coordinated the relevant departments to participate in the investigation. The girl suddenly fell down in Jishui, and a passerby gave her a helping hand. At 6 o'clock in the evening on July 27, Yueyue called her father. "I'm almost done, you can make dinner." Yueyue is big A student, 19 years old, worked as a summer job at a wedding photography shop in Qinjian Road, Jiaxing City, and paid 80 yuan a day. That was her first day at work, and she encountered a heavy rain. At about 6:20 pm, she left the photography shop and went to the bus platform to take a car home. The rainstorm caused water to accumulate in many areas of the city, and she could only travel under the umbrella. When she was walking to the end of the sidewalk at the intersection of Hexing South Road and Qinjian Road, she suddenly fell beside a street light box, and the whole person was lying in the stagnant water. Not only she suddenly fell, but also many passers-by fell to the ground, but they struggled to get up in the stagnant water, and immediately ran to the place without stagnant water. Two passers-by saw the girl fall to the ground, and hurried forward to pull it. As soon as she touched her, her hands were quickly numbed. "Not good, electric shock!" There was a riot in the crowd. Apart from reporting to the police, we didn't know what to do for a while. The sidewalk is the big pharmacy. When the pharmacy technician Chen Liang heard the sound, he rushed out. "I did n’t dare to move her around. I knew it was an electric shock. We moved out the wooden stools in the store. There was a 40 The multi-year-old master stepped out, stepped on a chair, and pulled her out of the water, and helped do CPR until the ambulance arrived. "The uncle pulled the girl out of the standing water for CPR After more than ten minutes, the Qianjiang Evening News reporter found out the uncle who rescued Yueyue. His name is An Yubin, 47, a veteran who currently works as a driver at SF Express and runs the Jiaxing to Puyuan line. At the time of the incident, he happened to have dinner on the fifth floor of the "New Oriental" chess room, and his wife was a cashier in the chess room. They heard the movement downstairs and opened the window to see the situation. "I saw someone lying in the water, and I hurried down the elevator and rushed downstairs." An Yubin ran across the sidewalk. The girl was still in the water, and someone nearby reminded him, "There is electricity! There is electricity!" An Yu Bin couldn't think too much. When he saw someone moving out of the wooden stool in the large pharmacy, he stood on the wooden stool to catch people. "Standing on the stool will not help, it will slide down. I finally stood in the water, clenched my teeth, and used all my strength to pull the girl out of the water with one hand." An Yubin said, he felt clearly in his hands. Electric current passed through and numb. At that time the girl's entire face was pale and her pulse was weak. An Yubin learned first aid and immediately gave Yueyue CPR. "I didn't dare to stop. I did it for more than 10 minutes. At that time, there was water coming out of the girl's nose, and the ambulance also arrived, so I took the girl into the car." An Yubin said, at the time his leg It's soft, and it feels like collapsed. After the story of An Yubin spread on the Internet, netizens praised him and kindly called him "Uncle An." Netizen "Lonely Pikachu": I went to pull at the beginning and was turned on by electricity. When Uncle An came and asked me about the situation, I went directly and really admired him. I admit that I'm afraid of being called, and his courage is very good! Netizen "qian_8343": At the moment of saving one's life, he was betting on his own life, it was water and electricity, and there was on-site first aid, uncle mighty! Although netizens praised An Yubin ’s heroic feat, he was even more worried about Yueyue ’s situation: “I went to the hospital twice before and I saw that she was awake, and I felt more at ease!” Although Yueyue was awake, The mystery is unsolved. The Jiaxing Municipal Government has been involved in the investigation. The reporter from Qianjiang Evening News learned from the hospital that after spending the most intense days, Yueyue had occasionally been able to simply communicate with people, but had not completely escaped the danger of life, and further observation and treatment were needed. The doctor said: "When Yueyue first arrived at the hospital, she had no heartbeat and breathing. Fortunately, someone insisted on giving her more than ten minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which was vital to saving her life." Yueyue woke up, but The family's doubts have not yet been resolved. According to the explanation in the “Report on the Electric Shock of Hexing Road on July 27” issued by the State Grid Jiaxing Power Supply Company to the reporter of Qianjiang Evening News: After the on-site investigation by the electric power repairers, it was initially determined that the leakage of the advertising light box on the road caused pedestrians The possibility of electric shock is high. The base of the light box is a metal case. If a light leak occurs inside the light box, the case will be charged, which may cause electric shock to wading pedestrians, but it is further confirmed that the base needs to be opened. However, the electric power department said that this road name light box is not an asset of the electric power department, nor is it part of the daily operation and maintenance of the electric power department. Therefore, it is inconvenient to open the base for inspection, and only power off to ensure safety and cooperate with relevant departments. Qianjiang Evening News reporter Seen at the scene, two lines of words were written on the front of the base of the street light box, which are "Supervisor of Jiaxing Place Name Office" and "Donghai Advertising".

After the incident, Jiaxing Donghai Advertising Co., Ltd. immediately responded: From 2005 to 2013, we signed a road name brand maintenance management agreement with the Jiaxing Place Name Office, which included safety responsibilities such as advertising operations, light boxes, and electrical maintenance management and maintenance. But the agreement ended last year. In October last year, we have all transferred our work to the Office of Geographical Names. The reporter from Qianjiang Evening News then contacted Jiang Haiying, the director of the Jiaxing Place Name Office. She said, "There are a lot of power sources and complicated lines on that road section. It has not been determined that there is a leakage of electricity in the street light box. Now these place name street signs have posted public service advertisements. The Civilization Office is in use and maintenance is the responsibility of the Civilization Office. "Sun Shuiguan, director of the General Office of the Civilization Office of Jiaxing City, said," The maintenance company for Luming Lightbox was approved by tender. This year, it was awarded by Jiaxing Jiulong Advertising Co., Ltd. Management and maintenance, the specific cause of the incident depends on the investigation results of the relevant technical department. ”Jiulong advertising company staff said,“ After the incident, we went to the site to see, there is no problem on the surface, but it is not opened to check, this must be authoritative The department is responsible for testing. "At present, the specific cause of Yueyue's electric shock is whether the street light box is leaking. Who is responsible? Jiaxing City Government has coordinated the relevant departments to participate in the investigation. Is the intersection we pass safe next rainstorm? In cities, all kinds of light boxes are densely packed. How to increase their security? This question mark deserves the attention of relevant departments.

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